News on The 700 Club: December 18, 2019

As seen on “The 700 Club,” December 18, 2019.:



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  1. I don't agree with what you say about the president. I back him up 100%. Your way of doing things is not the only way. It's said, it easy to be an armchair, in this case, president. You're not in his shoes. Few men, would not have been able to withstand the non stop harassment, for so long, experienced by this president.

    How come nothing is being said on CBN about the threat of a gun grab in Va? Is it bc you feel yt will censor that or take down the video?

  2. Why are you picking on our President, Shame on you Roberts. WHY DOESN'T ANY CHRISTIAN STAND UP FOR OUR PRESIDENT. We were all baby Christian once. Where do you start? 😡😡😡😡 Yeshua has given USA a chance with this President if people don't wake up, Sharia Law, you want that? WAKE UP!!!

  3. Pat Roberts obviously holds resentments toward President Trump. Could it be because Pat Roberts was never able to become president of the United States? That would be a form of jealousy, and it's very discouraging to those of us who are weaker in the faith. Don't be throwing stumbling blocks out there Pat!

  4. It's obvious that the Democrats are ignoring the Rule of Law since yesteryear and have the guts to charge our President of what they have done in the past and still doing it in front of our faces. Wow, these people need serious mental health exams.

  5. Pelosi is crazy/lefty. Ukrain said no. Where on earth you are building your case's ground on. Democrat is so desperate to kill itself. American under Mr. Trump has become alive and people around the world stop laughing at America because of him. You really do not know or simply want to continue the shame period before his time?

  6. Pat, I think you need to stop second-guessing the president. God has placed him there for such a time as this and given him strength and wisdom for the job. Start backing God's annointed—not based on your thinking, but recognizing God's plan.

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