CBN NewsWatch PM: December 23, 2019

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  1. The godless Democrats have completed their assault on our dear and godly leader. Now is the time to pray for his survival, as well as ours. I even heard a Democrat compare our god fearing president to a cockroach. We know that he is our King Cyrus, our Great Defender and praise Jesus for that; but so be it, he is also our Great Cockroach, one of God's marvelous and wonderful creations. They can describe him as a “filth spreading creepy crawler with a primitive brain but with an uncanny instinct for survival” however we know that our Great and Wonderful Supreme Leader works in mysterious ways!


    In 2017 President Trump fulfilled Bible Prophecy by Blessing Jerusalem simply with an Embassy of Recognition. Subsequently 128 Countries in the UN voted against Trumps Embassy. Many of us believed that the verse Luke 21-:20 "Jerusalem will be surrounded by Armies of Enemies" was/is already proved by the existence of Iran, Saudi, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine and all the Muslim countries that literally did surround Israel by geographical reasoning. However President Trumps Bible Miracle of the 70 Years repeated or Trump 1-12 , done in his 1st year and 12th month in office and aligned with Zechariah 1-12 and Mathew 1-12 both also a recitation of the 70 Years Miracle of old, gave rise to a new meaning of the prophecy. We now know that 128 counties in the world are enemies of Israel. Thus changing the prophecy a bit more drastically against Israel. And Jesus said of that time to his followers "Stand in the Holy Place." Which obviously means We as Christians Must Stand with Israel as like never before in time Mathew 24:15. And all done on Israels new 70 Years of Rejoicing and fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah 2 the rebuilding of the final Temple. Even now Christians and Jews together are preparing a place for the last temple. If you Stand with Israel then you Must Vote for Trump in 2020! Do the right thing and vote Trump/Pence in 2020! AND REMEMBER "All have sinned." Even great prophets and leaders had their moment of sin. King Solomon was a womanizer, the Emperor Constantine murdered even Christians, and yet by his decree the Word of God spread to all of Europe. Collective Sin or the sins of Nations & Tribes brings Gods wrath. He has proven that time and again, the sins of the people of Sodom & Gomorrah brought destruction to the people as a whole. Stand with President Trump so that America can be strong under Christs Umbrella.

    TRUMP 1-12 – ZECHARIAH 1-12 – MATHEW 1-12 – 70 YEARS FREEDOM FROM SLAVERY & 70 YEARS ISRAEL REBORN AND TRUMP IN HIS 70TH YEAR BLESSED ISRAEL & JERUSALEM. DONE IN THE 12TH MONTH TO SYMBOLIZE THE BOND BETWEEN CHRISTIANS & JEWS. PRESIDENT TRUMP IS GODS ,MAN IN THE WH. AND Cyrus the Great allegedly died at the age 70. Perhaps Donald Trump is Cyrus the Great Returned ! He is not a Jew but his daughter has converted to Judaism. He is the first President in History to have a foreign born wife from a non-English country! And so much more can be said for the Good President Trump. REMEMBER: Even Jews voted to put Hitler in power. Eric Jan Hanussen was a wealthy Jewish newspaper owner and is alleged to have taught Hitler the Art of Public Speaking & Mass Hypnosis. When you read of Jews supporting the Democrats you are seeing the sad side of history repeating. Do the right thing and Vote Trump/Pence 2020!!!

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