Faithwire – December 23, 2019

Faithwire – December 23, 2019 What’s coming up next? Have a look at our program guide:…

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  1. Welfare

    I was posting my usual pro-Trump comments when one guy responded to me with "Are you on welfare?" My guess is he was some kind of stalker psycho leftist leech looking to score some coup on me. And then I got to thinking "Isn't many and maybe most Americans getting some kind of 'welfare' in some form or kindred kind? President Trump used Bankruptcy to get to the top, and bankruptcy itself is a form of welfare. Once you complete the process you are not forced to pay it all back. How about Pell Grants, a year of free college with no requirement to pay it back? And there are many other education 'Grants' that are not required to be paid back. How about everybody that has ever asked or received some form of church, mosque and temple form of help? Many other types of 'Debt Forgiveness" comes to us via groups and charity that is funded by donations. Our TV shows are often laced with Ads asking for money to fund a children's hospital or some animal rescue service. So even taking some other persons dog is a form of charity to the guy that dumped his pet alongside some lonely road. Even some jobs in America are based on welfare of sorts. Governments reach into tax payer dollars to hire and employ workers to reach out to the community and provide entry level work. It's still a form of welfare! Big Business is not out of the loop either. Just read in the news of some big shot corporation that gave many of it's workers tens of thousands of dollars in Not Required Christmas Bonuses. That being said our way of life has for centuries allowed men to show their affection to the workers with various bonuses and rewards for quality workmenship. However this line of though puts those on the receiving end of aid via a rewards system is much like those who take advantage of the system logic. We all only get welfare and rewards by being cognizant that such monies are available. What is and isn't technically welfare is complicated by defining all punishment & rewards systems that have evolved over centuries of political & religious influences. In some places even public transportation is welfare based on facts that show such like buses & trains cannot function solely on passenger funding, and therefore subsidized. Even when you go to the grocery store you will buy food that is regulated by the government, because the government is looking out for your welfare!

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