Christian World News – SOLI DEO GLORIA – December 20, 2019

Handel’s Messiah is heard around the world at Christmas, but what do we know about the author’s faith? What’s coming up next? Have a look at our program guide:…

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  1. Some Say 'Trump is Gods Man in the White House'

    Well it all started as Trump 1-12 the Miracle of the 70 Years! In his 1st Year & 12th month in office Trump declared an Embassy for Jerusalem. This led many to believe USA has now endorsed Israels absolute sovereignty in the region. It coincides with Israels 70th year anniversary as a nation and both align with Zechariah 1-12 The Old Testament verse that begins about Israels freedom from 70 years of slavery in Babylon, and in Mathew 1-12 also a recitation of the same 70 years. Done while Trump was first in office at age 70. A beyond coincidence miracle of numbers that sends a message to one billion Christians that President Trump is Gods Man in the WH. Some say he is Cyrus the Great Returned, and Cyrus was alleged to have died at the age of 70. President Trump Fulfilled Bible Prophecy about nations surrounding Israel in the end times. The UN vote of 128 countries against the embassy gave rise to a new addition to the Muslim countries that do in fact circle Israel with intent to harm good Jews. As Bible prophecies continue to become truth the power of our Christian God grows exponentially. Those who see fault in the existence of God grow fatigued that we are winning, but wait a bit longer as we will see even 'greater miracles' as Jesus comes closer to his return to Earth. Even secular science is helping us prove the existence of the human soul. Quantum Consciousness Death Survival will prove to be a Fusion of Bio-Photons with Blood Gases inside the 100 Billion Neurons and linked by an equal number of Axons, that have up to 100 Microtubles that allows the human brain to send some 3 Trillion EMP Spikes per second. Each photon is embedded with the messages that allow us to be thinking conscious beings. The fusion of the minds photons is a metamorphosis into a new state of matter or the soul. We know know that photons can be fused and so it's not much longer that we will validate our God. Like Caterpillars the Metamorph into Butterflies we emerge as Winged Angels. Time is Eternal and the Universe is Infinite. Deism is the belief in God by the evidence of reason and nature alone. But I say it's also a belief by the logic that time has no beginning. No matter how far you go back in time there is no beginning. When some say "time started at some point"I always say "How long did the Infinite Universe have to wait for time to start?" Time is Eternal and Space is Infinite, therefore Life is also infinite and eternal. God Lives!

  2. In case anyone missed this, the Four week Advent is a minor fast time, and it ends on midday of Christmas Eve. Then Christmas day, followed by twelve days of Christmas, and of course Christmas ends on January 6. Or has this tradition been fully lost?

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