News on The 700 Club: January 1, 2020

As seen on “The 700 Club,” January 1, 2020.:



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  1. The way I see things in our lives are pretty simple and easy to understand. However you decide to accept this is dependent upon how your mind operates.
    First, there isn't a Two party system. It's a single system with one goal. This system is designed to give all the illusion of a two party system and too give all a sense of freedom and security. Giving you a feeling of a choice. You get to choose how fast you become subjecated. The different names of a party both heading for the same destination of world domination, in order to gain complete control over humanity. The only difference is the speed at which the different named parties are trying to obtain their goal. "How fast the methods of enslavement you want are dependent upon your choice of candidates that are preselected for you to choose from.
    Until humanity quits putting their hope and faith in the flawed corrupted men and women, and puts faith and has hope for the promise God gave humanity and acts upon it's promise, this world is going to end up with a leader that will bring this world into total destruction.

  2. There are NO Constitutionally legislated Gun Laws.
    The only illegal gun is CONCEALED because it is a LIE of OMISSION.
    No legislation can MAKE a LIE LEGAL or make OPEN CARRY, ILLEGAL.
    The 1st 2 Amendments are not God Given Rights, they are the 1st 2 AMERICAN LAWS of CITIZEN DUTY to PROTECT the CONSTITUTION.
    1A is to prevent needing 2A, BOTH ARE DUTIES !!!
    GUNS are LEGAL, LIES are NOT !!!
    The Constitution has no LAWS except the FULFILLED LAWS of GOD.
    These are Constitutionally PROTECTED from HUMAN ENFORCEMENT but we KEEP them as the fulfilled BASIS of JUSTICE.
    Christ made NO LAWS but told us to KEEP the ones HE FULFILLED !!!
    NO Christian is a LAWMAKER, we are LAWKEEPERS !!!
    Holy Spirit is the LAW of the LAND and😭WOE😭to him who offends.
    Most of the added LAWS are UNCONSTITUTIONAL to avoid enforcing the laws of Righteousness…if marriage & adultery laws were enforced, fornication could not be acceptable. How many laws does it take to say ALL are EQUAL?
    Only 10 laws are necessary to live happy & healthy for a long time.

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