'I Will Never Surrender My Weapon': Virginians Push Second Amendment Sanctuaries to Stave Off Gun Co

‘I Will Never Surrender My Weapon’: Virginians Push Second Amendment Sanctuaries to Stave Off Gun Control What’s coming up next? Have a look at our program guide:…

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  1. The Second Amendment is crystal clear and it is also the only legal Constitutional Gun Law in America every other Tyrannical Gun law passed by our Do Nothing Congress and State Legislature’s is both illegal and unconstitutional.
    Michael Bloomberg and his useful idiot cult followers don’t get to make laws. Bloomberg has armed security forces little man tiny little Michael wants the guns if we the people HELL NO YOU’RE NEVER GETTING OUR GUNS LITTLE MAN

  2. If democrats can call up the national guard against sanctuary gun cities, Mr. President call out the national guard to arrest those gov officials in sanctuary cities harboring illegals! Also Mr. President please nationalize Virginias national guard and order them to stand down. If the dems cut off funding for counties and cities in Virginia, Mr. President cut off US funding to Virginia!

  3. Trying to work within a system that is completely broken is pointless. Laws that violate the constitution are void from the get go and should be ignored. These law makers who violate the constitution should be marked men and subject to natural justice. As soon as it can be dependenced. Any law enforcement officer trying to enforce an unconstitutional illegal law deserve the same.

  4. If you think you are going to stop a tyrannical government with small firearms, you are stupid. You have God given rights to protect yourself, you don't need the second amendment for that. What about the first sentence, about a well regulated militia. Most people seem to ignore that part of the 2nd.

  5. Arm up the country we will support you. Democrats are enemies of the constitution and must go. Break away from the cities states and make a new state this is America influenced by the Chinese backed democrats

  6. Trump is the most anti-2nd Amendment President ever. "Take the guns first, then go to court". He signed the first federal gun control ban outlawing bump stocks. He also has extreme prejudice against the 4th Amendment.

  7. It’s OUR country and OUR freedom! Let’s not become serfs. Let’s uphold and defend the Constitution of America Our freedom was won and guaranteed by patriots who risked all to be free. Please! Don’t stop now! It’s just craven controlling politiciwho are charged with protecting our guaranteed rights

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