Commentator Canceled From Podcast For Saying 'Only Women Can Give Birth

Commentator Canceled From Podcast For Saying ‘Only Women Can Give Birth What’s coming up next? Have a look at our program guide:…

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  1. Having a womb is a physical characteristic of ONLY female humans. To be more specific – females are those born with XY chromosomes. Therefore ONLY females, (born with XY chromosomes), of our species give birth.
    What's the big deal?

  2. Only women can give birth. Why should a man think that he can give birth. Give birth to what? Man can only reproduce but a child must be born from a mother's womb and the whole world knows that. What's wrong with this world nowadays?

  3. So let's see, a woman identifies herself as a man, then wants a baby, has a baby and still identifies as a man. So, Candace Owens, whom I love, makes a true statement, gets canceled because she told the truth. Does anyone else see the stupidity in this?
    On the sixth day God made male and female.
    If Sodom and Gomorrah had seen the glory of Jesus they would to this day be in satcloth and ashes repenting. Perhaps if a few true ministers would step up their game going out to the people rather than wondering why they don't come to them, this country wouldn't be in this shape. Good you have a mega church, awesome you do good works for some people, but…
    When a person don't know their in the wrong, who don't come to church, because they don't know, I wonder if that will be an issue on judgement day? It's one thing to reject Jesus after hearing, it's another thing to not hear because they don't come to church.

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