Faith Nation: January 6, 2020

Iran is doubling down on threats of retaliation against the U.S. after the killing of one of their military’s top generals. What as thousands American troops head to the Middle East. Plus the impeachment of President Trump at a standstill, how …



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  1. He doesn't need there approval to do what he is doing! Have y'all not forgot Iran has not and will not ever play along with the rest of the world. They will not play by anybody's rules! They do what they want and now it's time, enough is enough! Trump has done the right thing!

  2. I would have NEVER believed it! I heard you were anti-Trump & now I’ve seen it! I was saved thru 700 Club, but you are not the CBN I remembered! You are in a dangerous place! He was chosen by God Almighty & you don’t sound any different than fake news. You leave out so much truth!

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