Iranian Leaders Vow to Send US Troops Home in 'Coffins' as Region Prepares for Face-Off

Iranian Leaders Vow to Send US Troops Home in ‘Coffins’ as Region Prepares for Face-Off What’s coming up next? Have a look at our program guide:…

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  1. If this appeasement to other countries had been curtailed decades ago (Jimmy Carter), we wouldn't be in this quagmire. Trump is just stomping the head of the beast, that Obama's presidency emboldened. Unbelievable that Americans don't know this very basic history. And just for clarification, it's Iran's government not the citizens that are the TRUE problem. Pray!!

  2. God bless our President and our Military. Lord, lead the way and protect them and guide them on their mission and bring our boys back home safe to their families. Cover them with blood of Calvary, and send a cloud to go before them to make them invisible to the enemy. Please bring comfort and peace to the families left behind, who are waiting for their loved ones safe return. Please cover the people in Iran who are innocent and the children and animals. We pray for salvation of your children and your will be done. We pray in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

  3. And Piglosi and her gang of commies continue to shoot themselves in the foot. They have forgotten that they are still Americans and that they are putting themselves at risk too! A suicide bomber isn't going to care about their political persuasion, just that they are Americans which they hate! The worst part for the left is that it is campaign season and they need to put themselves out there if they want to be re-elected.

  4. And when we kill them and leave them on the ground to rot will they continue ? I ask President Trump to allow all of us older guys the permission to go and fight. It is my choice and I wish he would grant it. No rules. No NATO BS! Let us go and do what needs to be done.

  5. Haha 🤣🤣❤️😎
    Haha 🤣🤣😎❤️😎❤️
    Listen to me
    We are hated , do you think it is because of Trump?
    It is because we are the children of God and he is allowing them to be the instrument to bring about judgement, because we have turned from his law's,there is hope!

  6. Why Are people always involving the Lord Jesus in their own man-made conflict, issues and things. I mean does the Word Of God not say, Prov 16: 7, "When a man's ways please the Lord, even his enemies are made to be at peace with him." By implication that applies to nations as well. So how come America is having all these problems with their enemies, yet generally they keep claiming to be a God_fearing nation, so shouldn't their enemie supposed to be at peace with them, according to this verse or is the Bible lying. or what's going on? I mean, I just read a comment posted here that America is going to destroy Iran in the Name of Jesus or should nuke them, etc, but did Jesus not say, He has not come to destroy, but to save men's lives. Luke 9: 56

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