CBN NewsWatch AM: January 7, 2020

On Newswatch AM January 7: more warnings from the US about how Iran may strike, US sending more troops & bombers to Middle East to strengthen its defenses, the debate in Washington over war powers, and Israeli’s response to the Soleimani …

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  1. This democratic plan to sabotage our President is wrong! Father, please step in and let justice prevail. Please deal with the traitors among us. May your kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven! in Jesus name

  2. Iran puts a 80 million-dollar bounty on the president of the United States and we we should worry about harming their so called holly sites from which operate and launch have been known to operate terrorist missile attacks while chanting death to America give us a break

  3. Yes, we have to keep freedom of speech. This student will one day realize how wrong he is. This university should take it do, I mean they always talk about not offending anyone, but Christians and Jews don't count.✝️✡🇺🇸

  4. The public should write to the University of Southern Maine and put in a formal complaint about displaying artwork. It is not freedom of speech, if u put something related to religion in a public institution paid by taxpayers. If they get 3+ complaints, they will not display it. It gives this university a bad rap.

  5. Pull your dollars from this place and the university will change its mind about this so=called freedom of speech. The so-called satanic artist seems to hate and destroyed the bible, why not use his bible or a book of Alex Crowley and draw a satanic face on him where it should be. If you stand for this you will stand for anything. This kind of abuse is not freedom, but abuse. Hate that mess removed.

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