Faithwire – Was Jesus a Pacifist? – January 6, 2020

In light of recent school and church shootings, Christians are pondering a proper response to these situations. They’re asking, “Was Jesus a Pacifist?” Dan and Dale tackle that on this week’s episode of Faith vs. Culture. What’s coming up next? Have a look at our program guide:…

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  1. Jesus taught non-resistance to his followers, and stated, 'If my kingdom were of this world, THEN would my servants fight that I not be taken.' Many of Jesus' precepts are misperceived and people go to great lengths to do so. Jesus did not force people to not defend themselves, which is what the French anti-war gang that promoted the term "pacifism" in 1901 set about to do. "Fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul; but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell."

  2. OUR government is one OF dissent and resistance, especially AGAINST tyranny! THIS TRULY IS A CHRISTIAN NATION. God has put us here to EXERCISE our SOVEREIGNTY! If we throw that liberty and lawful miracle away, WE DESERVE TO BE ENSLAVED! Doesn’t anybody get it? This nation IS exceptional! We submit to our truest government BY fighting its TYRANNY so Christ followers and gospel sharing MAY persist within its borders!!!!!!!🎚🇺🇸🦅

    We ARE allowed to protect ourselves BY law! In this truly EXCEPTIONAL Constitution INSPIRED and ALLOWED by the MOST HIGH GOD! We are NOT acting unlawfully, the GOVERNMENT IS! They are, as ordained by the MOST HIGH, our SERVANTS! Don’t spit in God’s face by throwing it away! That includes FIGHTING for the LIVES OF BABIES SLAUGHTERED by PLANNED PARENTHOOD (illegal government) and BIG PHARMA (illegal government)!

  4. Mentally ill people. Angry autistic youth.. Someone with a grudge against a former employer, and on and on.. Guns are too easily accessible in this society.
    It becomes more like the Land of Fear, than the Land of the Free.
    The Church should be at the forefront of gun law reform.
    And better mental health care.. Better health care in general.

    I think we are all guilty of 'cherry picking' parts of the Bible to suit our agenda.

    Responses to tyranny and persecution in parts of the Asian, African and Middle Eastern churches confound us in much of the West. Because their responses are Biblical.

  5. But you forget in this country we also have a right to abortion and gay marriage. So don't go by what rights were given by the government. Keep it biblical. And keep it in prayer. New Testament Heroes did not rise up i n physical Warfare against their adversaries. They were jailed stoned and crucified. Old Testament physical Warfare new testament spiritual warfare. Love your life until the death and lose it. Or to die is gain?….. unless you are not ready. I also wonder if we go with self- defense or defense of others then what of being martyrs? As for the sword in the New Testament it is the word….i.e sharper than a two edged sword and the sword of truth… again we are to attain to the spiritual in the New Testament. We are to obey the government? Shadrach Meshach and Abednego did not when it was not right and was awarded by God by being with them during that defiance. But again that was Old Testament and physical. Now we have to look at Matthew 10:28 again physical? Spiritual? Are we not to follow in Jesus's footsteps. He went to the Cross showing love for others and not defending himself. Not even with words. Live by the physical (worldly) sword you will die by it. Live by the word ( spiritually), think eternal life.

  6. Having a firearm against another person who has a firearm equalizes the playing field. In my recollection the Israelites always had a lesser number of people a lesser weapon and God on their side in their victories. Think David and Goliath sword versus Stone and was it Sampson with a jaw bone? Disparity of force with a woman killing a man in her tent? Two of Jacob's sons slaughtering how many men after having raped their sister? Gideon? Etc… this to say that hearing God's word to pick up a chair and slamming it over the back of the head of a shooter might not work? Where in the news reports is God getting the glory for the shooters being stopped by man? He's not— by the world anyways— it's man getting the glory and big the hero for carrying the gun. Prior to my conversion I always carried a gun on my body concealed and slept with it under my pillow it was my strength and equalizer not God—then my eyes were opened… if your gun malfunctions or you were the first one taken out by gunshot you would then resort to God? He should be your first line of defense. Not the gun. Besides, is not Vengeance his? I also wonder about judgment beginning first with the church. God used others as his instrument to punish the Israelites and if there is any ounce of discernment you realize what "churches" are like nowadays. Maybe it is to guide us into home Church as to not just let anyone in thus casting pearls to swine. Did not Christ speak in parables in relation to this?

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