News on The 700 Club: January 7, 2020

As seen on “The 700 Club,” January 7, 2020.:

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  1. In Australia THOSE FIRES WERE SET BY THE DEEP STATE. We all know why. Deep State must be taken out starting with what's here in U.S. even down to the DEM CONGRESS elites!!! who are behind these events to distract from their heinous crimes, pelosi and son, biden and son, clintons, obamas, etc…… Wish CBN had more guts to tell the bare naked news. And, yes, it's been reported by other news venues, Iran "mourners" were forced to do so, BUT CBN too chicken to report that. I just now watch their news hit and miss bc they evade what's hard to report on…

  2. It was not the right time for the Kurds to have their independent nation; that's why it didn't happen. P. Robertson doesn't have the intel anywhere near what the President has. It's easy to be an armchair president. If Kurds now given their nation, it's bc this is the right time, not earlier. I stand with the President bc I feel he is God's anointed to carry out the important tasks at hand. Few men with a backbone today to do what's tuff, not to mention what's tuff to report…….

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