University Supports Art Display with Desecrated Bible and Satanic Image Over the Head of Christ

University Supports Art Display with Desecrated Bible and Satanic Image Over the Head of Christ What’s coming up next? Have a look at our program guide:…

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  1. Ready yourselves for persecution esp if you're bold in your faith. They want us to accept them, ironically and they have no tolerance nor respect for us when we Express love sharing the key to everlasting love. How misunderstood we all are because of a few 'bad apples'….. we have to be very mindful of our words and behaviors. Read scripture and claim the promises of God for your own, so that you're spiritually protected. Be loving above all things…..

  2. Excuse me sir but THERE IS ONLY ONE holy bible which is the authorized kjv version…no other!!! Which version did this atheist use for their project???? If he desecrated any other version then he didnt desecrate the holy bible! Any modern version is blasphemy! If it was kjv then God will get his revenge! Praise our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ forever and ever! In all honesty I am offended but it's his freedom of expression and I would love to detroy every modern version out there!!!! He said he was questioning authority BUT clearly he is questioning God AND God will answer him. 😮💯

  3. We are not like Muslims. God, Jesús, Holy Ghost can defend themselves.
    Our hope is in Jesus and that student would find it very impossible to do those things to Jesus, the word made flesh, himself!

    Matthew 12:32
    Whoever speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven,

  4. I was in a government committee last year and at one meeting, I was in the middle of saying how a particular government service was a 'blessing' 🚨Uh oh.
    An atheist on the committee was unhappy with the word 'blessing'.
    The committee leader pointed out that one's religious and political beliefs were not to brought up in conversation whilst on the committee.
    I didn't make a political comment. I was just.. Happy to share.
    Anyway, shredding a Bible is somehow freedom of expression now. Sheesh.

  5. This is the cost of freedom. If he was praying he would not need speech protections because that would not offend you. Win the war for our souls with ideas, the word of god and free speech. Not censorship and threats of billionairs not giving up their money.

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