As Trump Admin Briefs Congress on Soleimani Threat, Some Lawmakers Want Congressional Approval on Fu

As Trump Admin Briefs Congress on Soleimani Threat, Some Lawmakers Want Congressional Approval on Further Action



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  1. Tim Kean, guess what you were wrong and Trump was right, AGAIN! How many times are the Dems just going to go opposite just to go opposite against Trump. IF Trump didnt do anything, they would be claiming he was weak, it never ends. Can the Dems and their propagandists in the media shut down the partisan attacks for 5 minutes when it comes to our country and those who attack it? 5 minutes!!!!!! There is a year before the election there is plenty of time to attack him over everything he does, but could they just attempt to be Americans first before Democrats , we know they want power and will do anything to get it, but on these issues, could they just pretend they care about the country????

  2. Trump knows what he is doing. These Democrats need some serious help. They’re jealous and obsessed and it’s sickening. They’re choosing party over country. I suggest everyone to do some research and don’t listen to these Democrats. They hate President Trump and will not agree with anything he says Because of hatred for him. They’re the enemy of the people. The MSM is as well. Trump 2020 🙌🏽❤️🇺🇸

  3. It's amazing each congressman only represents two to three counties in their state. You take a Democrat congressman they know so much about the world and other countries, but seem to know nothing about the needs of their counties they represent.

  4. President Trump did the right thing that should have been done years ago I am so sick of the Democrats not backing up our president I'll be glad when election day comes as it's over with with the Democrats they can go without a job with no benefits taxpayers money call it karma for not doing anything for 2 years

  5. Iran's Islamic terrorism regime's culture of Terror attacks jihad republic Country today very dengers right now supported Hezbollah Hamas Palestinians and Taliban Al Qaide on the Border of ISRAEL 🇮🇱✡️🇮🇱✡️🇮🇱✡️ congratulations for Fighting against terrorism regime's culture of terror attacks jihad against Israelites around the world.

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