Is Iran's Missile Attack on US Bases the End of a Confrontation or Just the Beginning?

Is Iran’s Missile Attack on US Bases the End of a Confrontation or Just the Beginning?

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  1. Didn't Iraq tell them to get outof their country! They need to leave! The middle east will never have peace as long as the west is involved. Greedy bloodsucking tyrants is all they are and hypocrites at that. How do you kill a people's leader and brag about it openly on twitter and other media outlets and expect no retaliation. Just plain simple and foolish. The military signs up to kill or be killed so whatever happens so be it!!!!

  2. They are trying to twist and turn everything around & we're not buying it!
    They are the aggressors!!
    They are not used to America defending ourselves!.. People wake up!
    There is a Time For PEACE! and there is a time for WAR!.. AMERICANS! PLEASE DO YOUR HOME WORK & and stop being spoon-fed that's so crazy! You have a brain for a reason READ/LEARN

  3. Let's see, they invaded our embassy, blew up oil facility in Saudi Arabia, blew up our drone, killed one of our contractors and you all are seeming to make this all about Iran being a victim! Am I missing something?

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