'A Very Dangerous Time in America': DHS Sec Endorses Protections for Religious Groups After NY, TX A

‘A Very Dangerous Time in America’: DHS Sec Endorses Protections for Religious Groups After NY, TX Attacks



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  1. A mind becomes uncontrollable when God Jesus is not in the picture ! hate is what will become of our nation , freedom is what you will lose ! when you have something given to you , you have no respect for what you have , until a price is paid again !!

  2. I pray Daily for the Peace of God over Israel and the People of the Jewish Faith! They are the Chosen of GOD! As well as the Gentiles that have been Saved by Jesus Christ with His Holy Ghost, with His Grace and Mercy! We are Covered be the Blood of Jesus! Hallelujah Amen!

  3. The real emergency is that Is@lam is intolerant and barbaric religion and spreading like wildfire. Kooran say don't make friends with Jews and Christians. Kooran say killing infidels and are spreading the cult through violence and mass immigration to western countries

  4. Christianity is being dismantled by a globalist pope who is in bed with his NWO cronies like Soros who idolizes Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot, Trotsky, etc. 42 million Christians murdered by Stalin. Many are being killed and persecuted all over the world. Many historical churches have been destroyed.

  5. How about you educate on how many in the church were slain in Russia and Armenia 100 years ago? Why don't the churches talk about these things? Why are you so obsessed with only discussing the holocaust?
    Probably because they are turning a blind eye to the persecution of their own currently and completely supporting it!

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