American Family Association President Thanks Chick-fil-A's Cathy: 'He Did Admit That They Had Made a

American Family Association President Thanks Chick-fil-A’s Cathy: ‘He Did Admit That They Had Made a Mistake’



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  1. NO! If Chick fil a ever wants a dime from me they will focus their giving to strengthening the FAMILY that these runaways leave and enter into homelessness and sexual perversion. Troubled teens can't be "educated" by Chick fil a foundation's if they've already hated on the family's that raised them.

  2. What angers me is the following
    1) Was Chick fil-a hurting prior to this? The answer to that is – NO
    2) Why now? When FOR SO LONG Chick Fil-A has been one of the FEW places to stand true to their values & not listen to these radicals!
    3) Their Restaurants were clearly a reflection of THE SILENT MAJORITY. I have never seen a Chick Fil-A that wasn’t busy, if a customer wasn’t happy they went out of their way to change that. In addition THE EMPLOYEES LOVE WORKING THERE! People have been crying about Chick Fil-A for a while! Yet in the land of chicken sandwiches it seemed as if the outrage mob & social media cancel culture didn’t exist – they were untouchable!
    Now I can’t say if this whole thing is the cause, but after all this happened our Salvation Army which is always very busy compared to the goodwill a few blocks away (not to mention cleaner, better priced & the SAME friendly people working) announced they are closing because they can no longer afford rent! Which is a shame! The people in our community are very disappointed, our Salvation Army did more to help the victims in the 2017 eagle creek fires – not to mention raise money & continuously set out donation for boxes the California fire victims, also our homeless, and provide jobs for our disabled, homeless community – than goodwill ever has! So I have ALWAYS SUPPORTED Salvation Army over Goodwill! I was disappointed to see Chick Fil-A go this route, I will also say once you give an inch to the outrage mob THEY WILL TAKE EVERYTHING! Conservatives & the right have learned this the hard way. Get woke go broke. It’s not the socialist who have the money, it’s the working capitalist- THOSE ON THE RIGHT!

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