Deadly Flu Season Shaping Up to Be One of the Worst in Recent History

Deadly Flu Season Shaping Up to Be One of the Worst in Recent History

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  1. Eat healthy, cut out sugar from your diet, completely!!! Stop smoking, take magnesium and D3 at bedtime, exercise, and yes of course wash your hands !!!! My dad does this. He’s 87, never have gotten the flu !!! We have an immune system!! Strengthen it !!!

  2. Most people don’t stay away when they are sick because they are not salaried. If they stay home(unless they have sick leave) they will lose too much money. Especially if they are living paycheck to paycheck. So they end up giving the flu to their co-workers and customers.

  3. Every flu season is "the worst!" Flu is no big deal. Supposed "flu deaths" are really due to old age or other health problems. The flu shot can cause flu! Vitamins do help improve the immune system.

  4. Reports like this sure help push the vaccine agenda doesn’t it? I used to be naive and follow it. Now I see it for what it is. What they’re not talking about is how they’re spraying us with toxic chemicals in the sky, in our foods, and in our water that are causing deadly diseases and illness. Hmmm.

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