US and Iran Backing Down but Congress Ramping Up to Limit Trump's War Powers

US and Iran Backing Down but Congress Ramping Up to Limit Trump’s War Powers



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  1. That makes no sense that some factions of Congress want the dictators of the world to know that they are preventing POTUS from carrying out his job. That way dictators can do whatever they want with the blessing of Congress. Since Congress has been around for decades why haven’t they dealt with the threats in the last 20-40 years? Once again, POTUS has to clean up their mess.

  2. This president has showed great restraint in deploying our military, and has sought to replace military action with negotiations and sanctions. The US Congress has accept the will of the people and allow our duly elected president to govern in the same way all presidents before him have.

  3. Congress can kiss off. The president doesnt need permission to make crucial life and death decisions. There is no time to take a vote and to bicker with the Satanic house.

  4. We have separation of powers through our Constitution people. No one is above that. Each branch needs to do only what the enumerated powers instruct. People need to take off their blinders , and remember when a President sets an unconstitutional precedent don't forget the next President in office may be a lot worse.

  5. The obvious hubris, in the 'Comments' here, paints a clear picture …you're either, 1) incredibly stupid/willfully ignorant or 2) a paid troll!!! 🤦‍♂️

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