5 States Consider Ban on Transgender Athletes Competing Against Biological Females

5 States Consider Ban on Transgender Athletes Competing Against Biological Females



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  1. A simple answer to this, separate those who are transgender and give them their own games to compete in…. no one will watch… no one will sponsor them as they wont get the same platform as regular athletes and transgender athletes will become extinct.

  2. This is a nice thought, but it's not going to make a bit of difference because the secret trans are NOT going to be open or honest about their true gender. What are they going to do,? Institute a mandatory DNA test for ALL athletes to verify their gender? I doubt it.
    Surgeries and other methods to ensure their deception are HUGE business.. BILLIONS of dollars a year go into the Deception.

  3. Seems easy to me. Since we are told that that there are so many (?) who are quickly 'offended' by gender titles and pronouns. Let's fix all of the nonsense and use 'xx' and 'xy' designations.
    ie. "Those who are BORN with 'xx' chromosomes compete with that particular, designated group. Those BORN with 'xy' chromosomes compete with all other 'xy' chromosome designates."
    I think they should replace the 'MEN' and 'WOMEN' signs on public restrooms with 'THIS RESTROOM IS FOR THOSE BORN WITH 'XX CHROMOSOMES' ONLY' and visa versa.
    Who could argue with that? Determination based not on opinion or 'what gender someone 'feels' like'. An unbiased, biological determinate.

  4. Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain was a Transgender Woman ( Just look at Her Civil War Picture ) ……Some Soldiers were more Masculine or Feminine than others . …Gender Biology is not a New ( Modern Concept ). …………………Transgender should compete in their own Divisions . …Their way Stronger than Cis Gender Women .. It's unfair .

  5. I really don't care that much about this. Women who trade their souls for feminist cred are not worthy of being called human anyways…… the truth is feminism hates everyone and women should not be protected from that hate.

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