CBN NewsWatch AM: January 10, 2020

CBN NewsWatch AM: January 10, 2020

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  1. Mullahs killed many "INFIDELS" to avenge Salemanis death, im sure they think they won.
    You can not mistake the speed and sound of a fighter jet with a passenger jet , NO WAY!!
    We have to go after the serpents head and that is mullahs in iran and sheiks in saudi arabia not the population just government and military installations.

  2. We are tired of this sick, deranged, senile pelosi, she needs to be put in a nursing home, if Trump hadn’t protected our embassy it would’ve been another Benghazi incident , which is what demonrats would’ve done.

  3. Some of this Iranian paid terrorists are already in Venezuela and at our borders, they can surely reach us from there, people wake up and support our President, once his second term is over our time of safety and protection will be over too, life as we know it may come to an end.

  4. Wow how could you mistake a airliner for a fighter jet. Why hasn't the speaker or anyone from congress mention the victims of the airliner that was shot down or condone the iranians?? God bless and protect all the Christian of iran may he open the eyes of many none beleivers in Jesus name.

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