Dr. Dan DeWitt to CBN News: 'United Methodist Church Split Nothing New, Traced in the Bible Back to

Dr. Dan DeWitt to CBN News: ‘United Methodist Church Split Nothing New, Traced in the Bible Back to Genesis 3’

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  1. The Methodist church in Africa and Latin America refuse to buy into lgbtq agenda that is in direct conflict with bible. The American church is more interested in social justice for lgbtq and realize they will never have enough votes to move on lgbtq agenda because the African and Latin American church is holding steady as a block to literal scripture interpretation while US is partially split on lgbtq. Geo Politics make this split almost a sure thing to officially happen at general conference. I hope all Christians pray for the outcome god wants for the Methodist church and support their decision's and parishioners.

  2. This is what I call spiritual weed and feed. In order to have a healthy garden you need to get the weeds that chock out the good plants to be gone. Once you pull the weeds out by the root the healthy fruits and vegetables can grow. The Methodist Church has been walking the fence on homosexuality for years. The members that are against this should redeem the church or walk away and look towards holiness.

    The Bible is clear that a woman should look like a woman and a man should look like a man. We should not cross dress and men should only have sexual relationships with their spouse. If you do not believe this then take it up with God.

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