CBN NewsWatch PM: January 13, 2020

CBN NewsWatch PM: January 13, 2020



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  1. We are just beginning to understand the effects of solar minimums. OUr magnetic field is very weak right now and the magnetic north is moving faster than ever before starting 10 years ago. Things are getting interesting.

  2. I do not support the resettlement of mexico to the US. Texas has the right as does any state to refuse them. They need to go back home we cannot afford them here. There are not enough jobs and resources for Americans as it is.

  3. i been praying for the philippines to be a God-fearing-loving country again! as da 1st christian country in asia, many blood of the martyrs and faithful had been sacrificed and consecrated to Jesus' Holy Blood!

  4. These natural disasters are the result of a world deep in sin. The Lord God is running out of patience. PRAY THE ROSARY EVERY DAY IT IS THE MOST POWERFUL CHRISTIAN PRAYER! If we do that consistently we can either avoid the Great Chastisement or lessen it severity! Penance and Fasting is also necessary! God Be With You All! ✝️🙏🏻

  5. He was not assassinated. In a theater of war no one is murdered or "assassinated''. He was in a foreign country to conspire to attack four American embassies. He was a combatant. 15:30 Leftist Jews are no different that regular Leftist tyrants.

  6. I believe there's a big change coming to Iran's terrorist leadership. This is the beginning of the end of their reign of terror. There will be blood shed by these terrorists but this movement will not stop.

  7. South Africa:- interesting to see your insert about SA in your news video. We are a small country with a VERY high crime rate. Tourists coming to SA need to do research before setting foot here, for their own safety !! It IS a beautiful country BUT….. be aware.

  8. Pelosi as president…

    The Democrats are the American enemies and domestic terrorists I have sworn as a soldier to fight on behalf of America. The leftist media are their cohorts in their attack to destroy America. I have even had a drink thrown at me and been called a number of derogatory names while shopping in public with my MAGA hat on. Democrats and leftists are the violent ones. Visit my Facebook page in the photos of my drawings of Pelosi as president. I am an old Captain America in tattered clothing. Pelosi is third in line to the Whitehouse. She just wants her chance to sit in Trumps presidential chair before she croaks. Search ‘Delmus R Ingle: Artist’

  9. I ET: documents of his on Twitter…Big eye opener. This is all a demonic plan. This guy on Twitter took French documents of Eelite agenda to Turn us all against one another and indocterinate our Children and ruin our Nation. Q…has been speaking of. Give it a read…scary truth. Go to True reporting Channel. He will read it for ya. Great stuff everyone should see and hear.

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