Texas Rejects Refugees, but a Judge's Ruling Could Change That

Texas Rejects Refugees, but a Judge’s Ruling Could Change That



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  1. Please, stop this bs. There is another caravan coming starting Jan. 15th. Join Oscar El Blue FB and yt. He lives in Tijuana. We Don't want anymore Ill ee gals.
    So screw Americans! Everything is free for them, but we have the displeasure of paying for it. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  2. I respect and admire Gov. Abbott. He knows our budget and how many illegal and legal immigrants as well as refugees Texas can pay for as we provide food, housing, medical care, clothing, education, and more. Since the borders were open the past 2 years, Texas was flooded with hundreds of thousands of illegals crossing our border. We are still trying to accommodate them. If the other 42 states are offering to support them financially, that is a great solution. CBN, please DO NOT post negative titles against a Christian Governor who is doing an excellent job to keep our state healthy in all aspects. Remember we have also been dealing with Hurricane Harvey victims and repeated flooding across the southern cities which has all required additional funds. If Abbott said, "No," then he has good reasons. That doesn't make him a bad guy. It simply means he must set boundaries. We already have a heavy load of responsibilities with the people we are caring for now.

  3. Until
    It goes to the Supreme Court! America has had enough of the deadbeats and criminals pouring into our country! Free money the Democrats have told the world and we are viewed as fools! No other country in the world will allow this! Tired of it!

  4. Im okay with accepting white European refugees. But not okay with accepting mass illegal immigration from Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Because Approximately 50% of Americans born at the turn of the 20th century had blue eyes. Today only about 15% of Americans have blue eyes.

  5. I don’t think every refugee is a legitimate refugee. I also don’t think CBN has all the facts thus they, from time to time, may take positions based on an incomplete picture. We need to inform them and not castigate them. Now before we throw CBN out with the bath water let’s consider some other possibilities they, and we, are not thinking about.

    Yes sometimes some Christian’s compassion is mistaken but to accuse CBN of hurting us is way way off. Do we want CBN to believe us? Then let’s come up with another more fact based solid Christian argument based on a good scripture context then just accusation. Here is a good scriptural argument. Since all governmental authorities are established by God, why aren’t these nations producing refugees not being held accountable for how they run their countries? Why does the USA have to automatically take refugees when another nation does not run its internal affairs correctly? So, because they screw up we, AMERICA, are automatically obligated to take pressure off them in the form of taking in their economic, etc. refugees?

    See start there and educate CBN. Is anyone confronting CBN with these questions.? How about you?🤔🇺🇸🙏🏻

  6. Listen, I’m Conservative and live in California. We don’t need anymore of these persons. We need the immigration system to be changed. We should limit the amount refugees. Illegals should be deported quickly. Employers who hire illegals should pay fines to the hilt.
    Instead of turning on our own, fellow Americans, we got to get active in the political system and educate people. Instead of just complaining on YT we need to hold our politician’s feet to the fire🔥 and kick them out if they won’t do what we want them to do. I voted 🎉Trump🎊 and he has done everything possible to keep his promises. We need more Trump-like politicians.
    Kick the establishment out!!!🤔🇺🇸

  7. Texans do not want refugees… Here in South Texas it is hard enough to get a job if your not an illegal immigrant, and because of all the low cost labor available, Americans like me have to settle for a back breaking job at 7.25 an hour pay. We don't want any refugees here in Texas… Enough is enough

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