'They Are Lying That Our Enemy Is America; Death to the Dictator!' Iranian Protesters Outraged Over

‘They Are Lying That Our Enemy Is America; Death to the Dictator!’ Iranian Protesters Outraged Over Downed Ukrainian Plane

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  1. Yes the world IS watching!! And I am thanking G*D that this news of what it is really like over there for those poor people under that cruel and oppressive leader. 40 years is Enough!! Let your people go!! We see their blood in the streets and are moved deeply in our hearts to pray G*D help them. The Americans and Israelis are not your enemies people of Iran. Get rid of that dictator. May G*D Himself grant you greater angels to fight with you and protect you from their tanks and bullets.

  2. This is soooo sad! Originally, the Muslim faith defended the oppressed and overthrew all who were against being honorable men. This regime is the epitome of what Islam stood against. Where are the honorable Islamic leaders who will defend these people? Must it be a Christian nation who stands up to these bullies? True Islam is apparently no more. A sad day for the ottoman empire who fought courageously and sacrificed so many lives? They were martyred for the injustice the world is witnessing.

  3. 🙂 I am an Iranian and I love God-anointed President Trump. The Holy Bible says and it shall come to pass that YAHWEH shall destroy the terrorist Ayatollah regime in Iran. "Jeremiah 49: 38 "And I will set My throne in Elam (Elam is big part of Iran and God's Throne is in Iranians' hearts)," says LORD YAHWEH, "and I shall destroy the king and princes from there." Amen. <3

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