House Sends Impeachment Effort and Pelosi's Prosecutors to Senate to Put Trump on Trial

House Sends Impeachment Effort and Pelosi’s Prosecutors to Senate to Put Trump on Trial

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  1. Disgusting parasite of a woman Pulosi denying the democratic votes of 63 million people that wanted a president that promised to stop this banana republic style of government. Pulosi. A self avowed Catholic that stated a couple of weeks ago that she prays for the president- yet is responsible for the death of millions of the unborn. What a morally corrupt and completely reprehensible example of humanity. God bless President Trump. K. A. G. 45 2020.

  2. I have never seen a more vicious monster like Nancy Polosi And Chuck Schumer … Have NO respect for their commander and Chief…all my years have never seen anyone hate on a US President like the dems do…clearly shows how vindictive these monsters are …what the president should do is let them blow their steam they have NO power!!!! He is the President and he have the pen use it….the dems protects vicious terrorist and put the American people and the President at risk… these people don’t know if they are going or coming…they are ignorant and foolish! They are making a mockery of themselves…

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