Iranian Activist Goes Viral Over Support of Soleimani Death: They forced us to say DEATH TO AMERICA

“They forced us in school to say ‘DEATH TO AMERICA.’ I was seven years old. I didn’t know what I was saying…The majority of the people in the Middle East don’t hate America. They don’t hate Donald Trump.”

Iranian activist Saghar Erica Kasraie criticizes the media for peddling what she calls the regime’s propaganda, and she thanks President Trump for his handling of Soleimani.

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  1. Erica, thank you so much for speaking the truth! Hitler did same thing,,,paid people to spy on their neighbors and paid them with extra food. Thank you so much for explaining your government. The democrats are dangerous,,,and are putting our nation in danger with our enemies.

  2. God bless this lady and her fellow countrymen who have promoted freedom and Christianity in a country that is hostile and violent to those ideas. Pray for our Brother and Sister Christians in Iran.

  3. Courage and grace in the face of fire. May God continue to use her commitment to truth to expose the works of darkness both in the Middle East and our country to the glory of God as we continue to trust him to lead our president

  4. Roar girl Roar~the Truth. Where are the Missionaries & Aid Workers? Certainly they know As Well…sadly many are threatened/they PAY Off whom they want to suppress and destroy…same everywhere only the elite micro control the $$$

  5. I love this woman! Saw her weeks ago, it calmed me down a lot. Though us as the people HAD NOTHING to do with this, we will pay the price if something happens.
    Seeing this made me feel better about it though.

    Pray for this beautiful soul!! Unfortunately I feel very afraid for her now

  6. Iran second only to China for an increasing proportion of Christians in the population?
    I think that was the gist of a comment this dear lady made.
    That's wonderful news!
    Here in the UK we see so much apathy toward the gospel – hostility sometimes, too.
    Across the channel, Europe has been termed "the prodigal continent". This seems to be true of Scandinavia also, from all I hear.
    But, thank God, I also come across numerous accounts of many people being drawn to our Lord Jesus in other nations around the world.
    Where Christianity is weak, worldly and in decline, it faces less opposition.
    But where its growth is significant and believers trust God's word and typically live God-honouring gospel-sharing lives, there is push-back and persecution.
    With so many Christians suffering awful persecution in so many nations, this seems to indicate a serious and far-reaching growth in the faith internationally.
    Why so? Well, Christ is continuing to build His church, as He foretold.
    And non-Christians are wearying of vain and overbearing governments and religions.
    But I believe also there is an increasing and expectant number of "prayer warriors" who are committing time and devotion to coming before God daily on behalf of the lost living around the world.
    This demands personal discipleship, compassion and Holy Spirit directed preparation in daily life.
    Let's be faithful in these matters.
    God hears the prayers of those who truly love His Son and who love other people.
    Find that time and place alone with Him and His precious word as soon as you can each day.
    You will be an enormous blessing to others and will grow amazingly in your own walk with the Lord.
    His promised return for His redeemed ones may be very soon.
    Our opportunity may be shorter than we can know. Maranatha!

  7. What a B.S. propaganda! I am not an supporter of Iranian government yet I recognize the reality on the ground ! She is a paid so called activists to spread misinformation! And because of your lies most Iranian and people around the globe regardless of their views on Islamic republic of Iran don’t believe your BS. How arrogant can you be to think people are stupid?

  8. She’s a lower version of masih alinejad… paid to lie and say trash stuff. 40 million Iranians along with many people in Mid East and Kashmir and in europe mourn for General Solemani… you lady go continue lick yankëes balls

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