This Moment Is Getting All the Attention from the Final Democrat Debate Before Crucial Iowa Caucus

This Moment Is Getting All the Attention from the Final Democrat Debate Before Crucial Iowa Caucus

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  1. Lol she ( pocahontas) was bashing bernie the day before and she wouldn't even shake his hand. Pocahontas showing her true colors. Actions speak louder than words! You know when a dem is tanking and about to go down in flames. They throw s "card." Biden "being candid with voters." Lol why doesn't biden ",be candid with voters" and tell us more about his quid pro quo with the ukranian government and his son hunter. That would be a start.

  2. This is critical and we need you really bad. You need to start a national
    campaign to stop or repeal this bill to strip the president of his powers to
    protect the people and nation by stripping him of his ability to wage war. This
    is criminal, unconstitutional, and treason. You need to send the message that
    everyone who votes for this bill will be voted out of office for treason and
    that all Republicans who vote for it will be branded as RINOs for life and
    voted out of office as quickly as possible, preferably at the next primary. We,
    the people, need the president to be able to protect us, especially with so
    many hostile nations and forces around the world. This is very, very critical.
    Anyone who votes for it should be branded as a traitor for life because they
    are betraying the people and the nation.

  3. Speaker pelosi's announcement of the Constitutionally INVALID "Articles of Impeachment" sounded the death knell of the demonicrat party; The soon to break DNC server / DWS / Awan / Congressional server scandal(s) WILL finish them, and Good Riddance !

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