CBN NewsWatch AM: January 16, 2020

On Newswatch AM January 16th: House transmits its articles of impeachment to Senate, trial to begin next week; Elizabeth Sanders and Bernie Sanders have brief confrontation after Tuesday night debate, furthering concerns of division in the party.

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  1. You know that Satan's hand is on this world when Christians are being killed and jailed in places like China, but no Hindus, Buddhists, Catholics, muslims, and ect aren't being persecuted or monitored. ATHEISTS WAKE UP!! EVIDENCE IS HERE!

  2. CBN not credable anymore a spirit of cover up is felt this maybe the last days the Singularity coming for wicked not Christians that is way over Today he comes as a Thief in the night with Powerful Power.

  3. So shameful that the DemocRAT party has not noted one High Crime for impeachment and turned a Blind eye to Joe Biden's "quid pro quo" involving the Ukraine which was caught on video
    Another sad embarrassing day for the DemocRAT party
    President Trump will nonetheless be acquitted of all made up charges especially those of hearsay
    Some may not like President Trump because of their personal bias
    May Those who insist on their personal bias as being Factual Truth Do open your blind eyes to Truth and note the emotional plays acted out by corrupt politicians as well as those in the Fake news Media
    Pray for these lost unsaved leaders Pelosi who is mentally challenged and those in her party
    That they may hve a change of mind (Repent) And may they note that lies and bias will never be accepted by the people who pay their salary

  4. After everything you've done then see how can we trust you ? we can't! You've held up years of work on the border wall everything that the American people wanted in voted for you wouldn't let happen so how can we trust you we can't that was just one example

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