CBN NewsWatch PM: January 16, 2020

Planned Parenthood looks to give millions to 2020 democratic campaigns. Activist Mommy Elizabeth Johnson talks about Planned Parenthood’s strategy with the Democratic party. Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump begins. More civil …

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  1. With all due respect to the lady interviewing the Activist Mommy, please don't say "anti-abortion". Use the correct term "pro-life". Language is a powerful tool used both for truth and manipulation. Just look how the Left says "pro-choice" instead of pro-murder, infanticide or baby-killing which is what it is.

  2. All this funding should be given to help with those really in poverty and in need.
    We come together through the power of prayer and as the body of Jesus christ we believe for God's will to be done on earth as it is in the heavens. Ancient of days supernaturally transfer all wealth to truth and righteousness.
    We pray that all these women get convicted that having an abortion is not the right decision to take.
    🙏 🙌 😇 🙏 🙌 🙌🙏.

  3. The most dangerous place to live in the world is in a mother's womb numbers prove it , don't become Satan's toy!! If you're not Satan's toy and you do get pregnant, there's a lot of beautiful parents that would just love to have that baby !!

  4. Lord please have mercy. Using tax payers money, against their Will, people who are pro life. No God gives life and only He can take it. Lord please don't let that curse rest on all innocent Americans. And God bless and protect president Donald Trump

  5. Before any abortion if it stays legal..,,then let them have free choice after they are shown the truth ..,,then there is no excuse for the murder they are committing…the mother should be shown what exactly happens to the fetus the real human life baby . Show then pictures of what the baby actually looks like. Let them see the tiny baby with all its human parts in place…Let them watch the so called blob of tissue in all of its perfect tiny developing form and tell them exactly what will happen if they continue to murder the child. and how they are ripped apart and murdered. Let them also talk to countless women who have had abortion and talk to them about the reality of their depression and regret after they realise what they have done…Does the disgusting do gooders at planned parenthood tell them the truth !! or do they want to continue to get their government funds. It's big business !!!

  6. God Bless John Haggee for his Sanctuary of Hope and the amazing home he has for any female who wants to a safe place to give birth not abort and have 100% support to keep her baby and get education and live there or give up their child for adoption with all the support she needs ! This is a solution and these types pf safe places churches across the country in Canada and the USA should use this mode;as best practise ! Thank you Pastor Haggee…You are a hero to these babies and this genocide in our own so called safe democratic countries ..not to our most vulnerable..May God have mercy on all of us..This is indeed the silent scream…

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