CBN NewsWatch PM: January 17, 2020

CBN NewsWatch PM: January 17, 2020

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  1. Plenty of high quality life sustaining American Aid to meet every pertinent anticipated critical necessity will be generously sent to the good people of the Philippines by the U.S. as per usual, of course, but We will not be taking on any immigrants other than those whom have or will endeavor to legally apply to come through long established U.S. Legal means readily available to them in their country.

  2. I dont like how u dont explain iran makes their people come out to worship their decisions and the other protesters are against the regime . U need to make that clear . iran can have a nuclear bomb in 2 yrs . Trump was right there wasnt fatalities and no knowledge of hurt people in iran's bombing . u make it look like Trump lied . THUMBS DOWN

  3. Why is it only the Democrats that seem HYSTERICAL about their Commander In-Chief wanting the Ukraine (whom the U.S. has such a formal agreement with) to investigate corruption? Seems logical that only the CORRUPT who might be exposed would want it shut down…and in this case it is only DEMOCRATS ACTING IRRATIONALLY WITH AN IMPEACHMENT HOAX on the issue. Time for other folks in Congress to ALSO ask the Ukraine to do so! SUPPORT YOUR GREAT PRESIDENT!!! God Bless the President.

  4. God allows it to happen because man chooses to be like that but even from chaos and danger going on he lets it happen as well cause it takes this imensness to wake people up u can deniy god if u want but god loves all his children think of it like he says hey wake up im here for u u just gotta turn to me and volcanoes and stuff erupt instead of asking why would god allow this to happen try asking yourself why am i alive how am i still here what should i do to prevent all this bad stuff from happening

  5. To the woman who lost her two children please remember in your grief that those two children are alive and with the Lord it is us who are living in this discusting mess that you should cry for may God bless you. Isiaha 51 .1,2

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