Major Unrest in Iran – The Beginning of the End for the Islamic Regime? 1/17/20

Does unrest in Iran signal beginning of the end for the Islamic regime? Plus Scott Ross visits 1st century town of Magdala and synagogue where many believe Jesus preached; and Passages – Christian students visit Israel for a life changing experience.



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  1. Democrats in America went berserk when Trump killed Soleimani but when the Iranian dictator killed 1500 innocent civilians you don't hear anything from them…especially Omar the anti-American loudmouth. She's in bed with the dictator.

  2. Salami is Dead. Iran want war please we would destroy Iran.
    Iran and Saudi Arabia are really the 2 headed Snake creating kaos indirectly. Maybe we wipe both out.
    Than who would be funding Terrorists ?

  3. At this Moment in Time: Christians are Suffering the Worst Persecution , Recently ( For Decades going on now ) , in World History . …….LGBTQ are not Suffering Worldwide like the Past . …But They still are and have been in Islamic Theocracies like Iran. ……There are LGBTQ Christians, LGBTQ Atheists, LGBTQ Muslims , LGBTQ Jews , etc . etc. ….We are a,Diverse Group. …LGBTQ Conservatives and LGBTQ Progressives too.

  4. The Mexican drug cartels just killed 9 us citizens and defeated the Mexican military in fair combat but my taxes should pay for Israel to have a wall and I should believe people in the middle East are more dangerous to me than the enemies at and within my countries borders makes sense

  5. Virginia…you want our guns? Come get them!
    "Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends – life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness-it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it and to institute new government." Thomas Jefferson

  6. This was in the beginning of the week. What Iran has to demand is that the US be punished from the take down of the flight by interfering in Iran by cyber attack.
    The only threat to the region is Israel and the US, not only in the meddle East by also to the world. This is a very nasty propaganda that should not be believed

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