President Trump to CBN News: 'We're in a Cultural War…Taking the Word God Down'

President Trump to CBN News: ‘We’re in a Cultural War…Taking the Word God Down’

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  1. I beseech you brethren, that you pray for all men. Pray for our leaders. Uphold the Way, Truth, life. Live in Love. Grow in Grace. Shun gossip
    Walk humbly, Do Justly Love Mercy. Rejoices not in iniquity. Hopes all things. But rejoices in the truth. Micah 6v8. 1st Corinthians Chapter 13

  2. May our Lord & Savior JESUS CHRIST bless, protect President with His mercy & grace always, Trump for 2020 and beyond🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍🙌🙌🙌🌹🛐🛐🛐🛐✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️🕎

  3. We are in a Cultural war and Trump is replacing you. 3.8 M illegals in 3 years, 850K made citizens in 2017 alone. Only 100 miles of already existing fence replacement, not a single mile of New Wall.

    So you see Trump supporters are Race traitors.

  4. Ever since Prayer and Talking about God ( Jesus ) was taken out of Our Public Schools : Vicious Relentless Bullying increased , as well as Rape / Sexual Harassment, Shootings , Mayhem . ………Public Schools are,War Zones now ! For the most part. ……. …We all Need God in Our Lives! …..Including Us LGBTQ People : We are not all Believers in Our Group. ………Belief in a Merciful God , makes a Polite Society . ….But Belief in a Vengeful Intolerant God don't . ..Midievil Europe is Classic Example of Religion at its worst. ….Like Islamic Dictatorships. ………No Arguing here. ….I'm not Fighting with no one on this. I did too much of that lately. …Peace in Jesus Name 😇. ….Jesus is Returning Soon .

  5. Us LGBTQ were Safer in Public Schools in America, when Prayer and Godly Conversations was allowed. ( Proven Fact here ! ) . …….Bullying of LGBTQ and some Straight Cis Gender Kids , increased when Atheists took ' God ' out of Our Schools ! ……..It proves : God Protects LGBTQ , when They are in a Righteous Atmosphere, with no Satanic Strongholds !

  6. The United States was based on Christianity and its believes it what gave you your god-given rights for the individuals we shall not be rolled over man or woman king or queen or even by rich people and our four fathers know capitalism only works if you keep big business in check and you keep the marriage in check that means men and women which women are not and also keep governments in check if not it becomes cancer and you need to get rid of the corruption and cast it out if they don't want to live in God's land maybe they would like to live in Iran they love Americans I'm pretty sure they'll gladly have you with welcome arms and Sabres they'll just ask that you use red flag laws on yourselves just like that s*** was used on the Jews I'm surprised the lefties didn't use red flag laws on are Embassy and said our Embassy had mental illness and they were to open their doors and embraced them and be inclusive with all the protesters that had machetes so tired of how these people are brainwashed and indoctrinated into b***** they can't even think for themselves stand on their own two feet they're not men and women worth their weight in salt

  7. It is a free speech concern. Same in Canada we always said The Lords Prayer then in the 90's they changed it to a moment of silence and gradually that moment became about 30 seconds long so people had no time to reflect if they wanted to. The just minimize morals and traditions.

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