Trump Fighting to Put Prayer Back in Schools: 'We Will Not Allow Faithful Americans to Be Bullied'

Trump Fighting to Put Prayer Back in Schools: ‘We Will Not Allow Faithful Americans to Be Bullied’

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  1. This is just trump pandering to the Christians. Do you really think the most ungodly creature on the earth really cares about this. No. Just looking for your votes and you are an easy target because you are scared of everything.

  2. It's good to pray together before entering into the classroom
    For JESUS said.
    For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.
    Let us put GOD first in whatever we do.

  3. Why is the US dollar the most powerful currency in the world? It used mostly in business transactions from the east to the west and from the the north to the south. It is the only currency in the world that bears the name of God. “In God We Trust.” is a prayer already. It is just right that prayer is done in schools.

  4. Good for Trump for protecting the religious rights and freedoms of young future Americans! But…why is the opinion of WHITE evangelicals consulted as the authority for Christianity or America or Evangelicals? Christianity has no color or race and all colors and races are under the umbrella of American evangelicals. Billy Graham would not preach to a segregated crowd, would break the dividers in a segregated crowd. And Franklin and company and most all Evanglical churches continue an unsegrated tradition nowadays. Christianity is not race exclusive and Evangelicalism is not white. Maybe survey ALL persons of the evangelical group not make evangelicals exclusively white because they are not; the rights extend to ALL Americans. 😳Thanks.

  5. Prayer IS already allowed in school. Anyone who says otherwise is a nitwit. There are currently conditions, such as group prayer, that are not allowed. All Trump is doing is pandering to the religious right, while you guys and gals fall for it and enable more of his dicknanigans. Dense morons that you are. He is NOT a man of God. Far far from it.

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