CBN NewsWatch PM: January 20, 2020

CBN NewsWatch PM: January 20, 2020

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  1. The reporter linked the rally story with "credible Threats from White Supremacists." So they send a Black Reporter to the Rally. These "news" outlets Know who is committing Violence and it isn't Patriot Conservatives. Its leftist communist paid and ginned up antifa and other paid organized leftist groups. Freedom Loving Law Abiding American People are the good Guys! And the media has to deface us at every turn. Because that's what Commie's do.

  2. Its not about public safety, it’s about the CONFISCATION OF AMERICA!!! Globalists cannot move forward with their agenda of NWO as long as Americans have power in their homes and pockets. We are an army in ourselves…

  3. It’s proven that socialist act aggressive in a peaceful protests to make the good guys look bad & gives police the right to arrest protesters & the news media lies about the whole situation; the public is wise to their mode of operation. Americans for the Constitution are watching!

  4. President Trump allows prayer in schools. President Trump praises GOD in Every speech. President Trump Blesses GOD’S Chosen People in Israel and recognized GOD’S City, Jerusalem. So, who do you think Jesus Christ would vote for?

  5. Northam allegedly prayed. (preyed?)
    We can see which prayers were/are answered; lest He be ignored.
    "…Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts."- Zec 4:6
    Smooth as He pleases; ya gotta know what to look for.

  6. The Virginia rally organized in support of our second amendment was peaceful…. THERE WAS NO VIOLENCE FROM TENS OF THOUSANDS ATTENDEES AS THREATENED BY THE LEFT MEDIA & GOVERNOR. All weekend the dishonest media repeatedly reported patriotic gun supporters are "white nationalist & fascist militias" headed to Virginia to cause trouble. Once Again… They Were Wrong BUT Enjoyed The Democrat Leftist Propaganda News Cycle They Created

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