'A New Solution for the Entire World': See Up Close the Israeli Company Turning Air into Water

‘A New Solution for the Entire World’: See Up Close the Israeli Company Turning Air into Water

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  1. No other nation has been as blessed by God than the nation of Israel…..Gods chosen people. When we bless them as God has asked, then we become blessed…..this includes these United States……Israel has been our long time friend and as a result we have been blessed as a country. Pray for the peace of Israel and that we do not falter in our friendship.

  2. It is not living water, but…. Zachariah 14:8 ‘On that day living water will flow out from Jerusalem, half of it east to the Dead Sea and half of it west to the Mediterranean Sea, in summer and in winter.’

  3. ummmm it's called de-humidification and the technology has been around since 1902. De-humidification as a source of drinking water has been around at least 5 years. The real question is, will the government agencies putting these in their parks consistently clean the filtration or let them go to hell like they do everything else.

  4. Strictly speaking, you can not make water out of thin air. There are water particles in the air (humidity and the like) you turn them into water. So, water is not created out of nothing, rather the water particle in one state turn into a state where it becomes drinkable running water. The amount of water in the universe is fixed like the amount of the gold, silver, etc. But, where they turn up and how they are used and who possess them (depending on the value) make all the difference. Israel works on these technologies because they have and will have even more aggravated water problems in their region. Enough to cause a war!

  5. If they want to heal the world they should start from Gaza strip and find an acceptable compromise with them to let them live in humane conditions. Otherwise, this is another empty propaganda.

  6. as one person mentioned, it's called a dehumidifier, HOWEVER, this device purifies the water & sounds like it does it faster. All in all, this is a good thing & we haven't heard about the other technologies they have that are very impressive!!!

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