How to Know if You Are Lukewarm | "Faith vs. Culture"

In a culture with so many distractions, it’s easy to let our faith become complacent. Dan and Dale breakdown what it means to be lukewarm and tackle the myth of persecution in the west. Plus, busting the myth that there is no religious persecution in the West.

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  1. I last saw my daughter on Christmas Eve of 1986 just before her 2nd birthday. There was nobody else in the court BUILDING.
    I would really liked to have had a recording of it.
    She didn't want me to have a Christian influince on her.
    And some man out there thought that sleeping with a young,20, married woman who just had a baby was a good idea.

  2. If you got the gospil from flesh and blood man and haven't asked God who Jesus is yet, YOUR LUKE WARM..!

    Jesus Peter's confession bares all if it's not Foundational then God didn't reveil it to you and your LUKE WARM.!

    IF you baught into man's intupertation of Jesus instead of God's revelation of who he is, YOUR LUKE WARM..!

  3. Luke Warmers will compromise with the world. They go along to get along. Most of the so called Christians in America today are "luke warmers". They have no problem leaving God at home when they go vote or other activities.
    David, Man of GOD

  4. Always interesting, thanks.
    I have long thought there is a confusion sometimes between Western cultures and Christian culture.
    That's outside of, and also within, the West.
    Perhaps you guys could discuss this in one of your programmes?

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