Pro-Lifers Launch $52M Battleground Campaign: 'Voters Need to be Reminded What's at Stake'

Pro-Lifers Launch $52M Battleground Campaign: ‘Voters Need to be Reminded What’s at Stake’

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  1. If you become pregnant but can't afford to raise a child then get an ab0rtion .
    I'm tired of seeing tax dollars going to fund foster care and welfare programs to support children born to couples who reproduced when they couldn't afford to raise a child.

  2. Bodily choice is a human right, and a zygote, is not a baby. Antichoice people have no right to a woman's body. What prolifers are actually supporting, is forced organ donation. Prochoice is not proabortion, because abortion is not the only option that prochoicers, support.

  3. Come to New York. There are many, many New Yorkers that will back your agenda. Many are sick of the satanic govt leaders that are in office here. They target the 5 boroughs of Manhattan for their support; however, New Yorkers in many counties here are conservative and also have deep pockets. 😉

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