Coronavirus Death Toll Climbs, 35M Quarantined as China Builds Special Hospital

Coronavirus Death Toll Climbs, 35M Quarantined as China Builds Special Hospital

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  1. Do your research. Not all Coronaviruses are deadly. A baby my wife was treating was diagnosed with Coronavirus last week but it’s not the deadly one. She is a medical doctor. To be on the safe side take proper precautions. Be wise.🤔🙏🏻

  2. Are people blind? This first month of 2020 we have had insane weather, earthquakes in diverse places, the middle east peace plan + rising tensions with iran, turkey, russia, Palestines, Israel's new gas deposit in the Mediterranean sea called leviathan, this new virus pestilence, fireballs over various countries, random gravitational burst in the atmosphere that no one knows where from. Locust swarms all over, Australia having wildfires, hail storm, flooding, dust storms all at the same time. Flooding happening all over. You can call me stupid, mock me all you want but you'd be a fool not looking at this and not thinking it's weird. Jesus a
    Is coming soon….wake up.

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