Operation Blessing Medical Teams Meeting Needs, Leading Taal Volcano Evacuees to Christ

More towns and cities around the Taal Volcano in the Philippines are on total lockdown, driving tens of thousands to flee to the evacuation centers. People are getting sick because of the congestion and the harmful effects of the smoldering volcano. Operation Blessing is addressing the medical needs in evacuation centers, along with the spiritual needs as well as whole families are being led to Christ.

Remedios Sacdalan is so sad to see her whole family enduring the discomforts of staying in an evacuation center. As the only aunt, she’s taking care of all her nephews and nieces. And now it pains her that even their children are suffering because of the Taal Volcano eruption. Their 16 family members are all crammed into one classroom.

Remedios said, “We were frightened because the tremors were strong and frequent. We slept outside our houses and that’s why we decided to evacuate.”

A member of their family showed CBN News cracks on the walls of their house, caused by the volcanic tremors. Their family compound is situated in the town of Calaca where ground fissures emerged after the eruption, damaging houses. The day after this visit, authorities declared a total lockdown on their town.

“I pray to God for mercies, for the eruption to stop, and that other people will not experience what we are going through. I pity the children,” Remedios said in tears. - shop now!

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Her niece Javee Velez’s son has been down with fever.

She said, “My son has a fever for three days now. It pains me to see my family living under very uncomfortable conditions. The children get sick. Our parents are old and are also sick. What’s worse is we don’t know how long all this will last. The future is full of uncertainties.”

But on that day Javee and the rest of the families experienced hope when Operation Blessing came to the school to give medical assistance.

“It’s the first time that they have a medical mission. And the doctors say that most of the children aged 13 and below are diagnosed with pneumonia. And that is because of the ash that is still present in the air that they breathe.
Javee is thankful her son was seen by a doctor along with the rest of their family. They also received free medicines and relief goods.

An Operation Blessing pastor also took time to share the good news of salvation to Remedios and her relatives. And as a family, they gave their lives to Jesus on that day.

On behalf of her family, Remedios thanked Operation Blessing for all the help they received from them. 

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