Senior Trump Official Tells David Brody: John Bolton Is a 'World-Class Jerk'

Senior Trump Official Tells David Brody: John Bolton Is a ‘World-Class Jerk’

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  1. I think Hunter Biden was actually making 83000 dollars a month or about a million and a half a year. The sad part is is that we have to watch people lie outright and it's easy to see the corruption but there are no consequences here at least on earth that is. John Bolton was a warmonger and even his best friend of 30 plus years told him not to do this and it's definitely motivated by money and the fact that Trump wouldn't let him talk him into starting Wars with people.

  2. I did listen to Bolton a lot and he was a war monger, and I thought it was not a good thing for the president to hire him into his administration ! Doesn’t matter what he said in his book ,or what he did or did not say !

  3. When the music stops playing on the impeachment garbage the Democrats should be indicted and jailed with no benefits for wasting the taxpayers time and money for treason for falsely accusing and interfering with the 🇺🇸president of the United States job

  4. The Democrats and their colluding comrades, the MSM have nearly destroyed this country.The Washington Post and New York Times have the integrity of the Mirror and other propaganda publications.To not see through what the Democratic party has been doing would require an IQ of approximately 50.

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