Trump: Israeli-Palestinian Peace Plan Probably 'The Most Difficult' Deal to Make

Trump: Israeli-Palestinian Peace Plan Probably ‘The Most Difficult’ Deal to Make

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  1. Something about A. To the Victor goes the spoils – natural law a given to All SPECIES. And in the veneer land of human civilization and it's striving to create and live in a virtuous world:. Let the better win. No one says Poor King George or Poor Hitler. Ya know, quality makes a difference. Let Israel lead the Middle East. Lamp in the darkness and all of that. 😉

  2. Trump is the antichrist…!
    Trump is the antichrist…!
    Trump is the antichrist…!
    Don't believe me then go
    check it out for yourself.
    It's all in the bible everything that's written about the antichrist he has fulfilled. Even the the part about him being a builder of fortress and that would be his wall. If he isn't the antichrist then he is the closest thing we are ever likely to see in our life time. And with this peace plan it really makes one ask the question whether or not he is the antichrist. But hey don't take my word for any of this, go read your bible and see for yourselfers. May God Almight have mercy on us all if I'm right.

  3. exAMEN 🌈 FIRM'amen'T,

    If they can't tell you the truth about this Y dO U believe everything else ¿ 🐟

    UN'i'Verse 🔨👀🕹 Psalms 19:1 The heavens declare the glory of God; and the FIRM'amen'T sheweth his handywork.

  4. Every president tried, even Trump, but this deal is exclusively for the antichrist, the philistines all ready rejected, but the antichrist proposal for seven years,they going to accepted right oway. No buddy said anything when the past presidents tried. Christians need to read their Bible because even the they going to be deceived.

  5. I am a Palestinian born in Jerusalem I believe that since Israeli zionists believe that the land is their promised land and they took it through war. They should promise the Palestinians safety and to provide them with a land that they can live on with peace and security. And to promise to keep the Palestinians safe without killing and hurting anyone. I think if Israel truly wants peace then provide us with a land and guarantee us peace a security without anyone being killed.

  6. Sad sad! Its not fair. Everyone would love to live with dignity but Palestinians are not allowed to have this right. I'm historian and what keeps me calm is the fact that all injustices will not last forever.
    Please have patience dear Palestinians!!!!

  7. Mazl tov potus
    Brilliant solution to an ongoing issue for more than seventy years

    About time the palis getting with it and stop mooching off the Jewish peoples state…..


  8. Israel became a nation on the biblical Feast day Shavout / Pentecost according to full moon March 25 1948, counting seven days in seven weeks from First Fruit after the holy seventh set-apart sabbatical day, as astronomical empirical and scientific fact confirmed from God of Abraham, Isak and Jacob. The state of Israel has legal right and a bright future from the Most High Almighty God Creator, who delivered and established Israel in the eternal Torah, confirmed in Acts 3.20-22

    It`s a fundamental error. League of Nations gave religious and civli rights for non-jews, but no political to form statehood inside the jewish homeland, which was given the legal right to be established and re-constituted in secure manner. The Declaration from Tel Aviv signed May 14, 1948, reflects the Mandate from League of Nations.

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