200 Americans Evacuate as Chinese Coronavirus Cases Jump to 5,974, Surpassing SARS Outbreak

200 Americans Evacuate as Chinese Coronavirus Cases Jump to 5,974, Surpassing SARS Outbreak

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  1. This is deliberate, as the Chinese have been experimenting with Biological viruses, having discovered 28 recently that were not Known to man for over 15,000 years!!! They were found in the Mountains of Tibet which had glaciers which had melted, having been frozen for centuries!!! The Chinese are part of the "New World Order" which plan to extinguish most of the population to only 500,000. It is part of their Creed!!! But the Lord God Almighty has the Last Say, and His Word Says, "No weapon formed against me is going to prosper", and I STAND on His Word!!!

  2. Well if we die seems it will come fast. Couple days of suffering then gone! At least it's quick or China has been sick longer than they've told us and the folks are just now dying. If bodies are stacking up how Are they taking care of the dead. Too many to bury all at once. ?

  3. 201 evacuees are now going to be landing or perhaps have done so already at March AFB in So CA. Why is it always CA that gets hit with immigrants or sickness? Gavin is putting all residents at risk with his tyrannical governing. The citizens have no say anymore even with their recall or voting . God Help the USA.

  4. If they do not block all travel to and from China, the risk will not remain low. China is vastly understating the scope of this outbreak. They have distributed a limited number of coronavirus test kits, and only those patients who are tested with a kit is deemed a "confirmed" case. A leading doctor in Hong Kong gave a press statement indicating that as of about 4 days ago, the number of symptomatic cases was over 20,000 and the estimated number of people infected, including those who are asymptomatic, was over 44,000. He stated that the number of cases is increasing exponentially and that in 6 days from the date of his statement, the number would be doubled. China is also lying about the number of dead. This is a major epidemic and is in the process of becoming a pandemic that may rival the Spanish flu outbreak during WWI.

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