CBN NewsWatch AM: January 29, 2020

On Newswatch AM January 29: US & other countries evacuating citizens from Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the coronavirus, as US tries to get more cooperation from China in fighting the disease; Senate impeachment trial moves into next phase, … …

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  1. A homophobic hate preacher ? Really ? This reaction is sooo left wing. These poor people who just cannot stand the thought that any man of GOD following what JESUS has said or for that matter anyone speaking of different beliefs than theirs. They (the political LEFT) are working overtime to destroy any country not accepting their beliefs !

  2. The SLA and Attacks on Religion

    We witnessed what happened to religion under the Soviet Union. The measuring stick was the immediate resurfacing of Christianity in Russia. Under Communism the people were allowed to be Christians but only in the privacy of their own homes. The rise of Socialist Liberalism Atheism infers that once the Democrats seize the White House and Congress with pyramidic precision they will push their global dream of ending all religions that attempt to influence human futures. And here lies the rise of Anti-Semitism again. The Jews will again be blamed for Christianity and Islam. Hitler knew that if he could destroy the Jews then Christianity & Islam would fall as well. And so we see the same 128 countries that vilified President Trump for putting an Embassy in Jerusalem voting against Israel, and even suggesting Israel is guilty of war crimes on the Palestinians. Don't be beguiled by the Socialist European Union and their allies, they are out to destroy all religions and will follow in the footsteps of the old Soviet Union. Even the UK is going that way and the proof is they have banned Franklin Graham from entering the UK with intent to Evangelize the Word of God to the British. The irony of it all is while Muslims, Jews and Christians bicker over the Holy Lands the Global SLA is using our fights to divide us.

    But we can give them a fight. We know that the UK is in Brexit and that means the majority of the British are still open minded to things like Freedom of Speech and the "Rights" of man to have his/her religious services in public for the purpose of sharing with all people the word of God. The 'faction' of government that has banned Pastor Franklin is not inline with the majority in the UK and proof again of Imperium in Imperio or what we call today "The Deep State." And proved under the Trump era with examples galore of Civil Servants right up to even Ambassadors feigning obedience to the laws that require them to serve the chain of command but instead use their government jobs to pass secret, classified and privileged information to their cronies and political allies. Acts of Treason but so common place that to prosecute them would jeopardize our peace.. While we have Trump in office we can ask him to respond to the UK's ban on Franklin Graham. Suggest that we may even deport UK citizens in America for being outspoken with our politics. After all any country that has citizens interfering in our elections should be reprimanded. And there are British here in USA doing just that!

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