Franklin Graham Events to Be Canceled in Europe

Rev. Franklin Graham’s event was canceled because of his viewpoints on gay marriage, according to published reports. The Graham Tour UK released an announcement that the intended event to take place at ACC Liverpool in June 2020, will no longer be going forward.

“Over the past few days, we have been made aware of a number of statements which we consider to be incompatible with our values. In light of this, we can no longer reconcile the balance between freedom of speech and the divisive impact this event is having in our city. We have informed the organizers of the event that the booking will no longer be fulfilled. We are proud to represent all communities and will continue to move forward with our aim as a business to drive profile, major events, and economic impact for Liverpool City Region.”

It’s not surprising, however. A group called the “Liverpool Labour LGBT Network” called the son of the late preacher Billy Graham a homophobic “hate preacher.” “They fear that a high profile event gaining so much traction “may incite hateful mobilization and risk the security of our LGBTQ+ community,” the group wrote.

Graham posted a letter to the LGBTQ community in the U.K., informing them that he didn’t have intentions to condemn but to share the Gospel of Christ. “I’m coming to speak for everybody,” he added. “The Gospel is inclusive. I’m not coming out of hate, I’m coming out of love.”

He posted the open letter on Facebook: - shop now!

“This is just not true. I am coming to share the Gospel, which is the Good News that God loves the people of the UK, and that Jesus Christ came to this earth to save us from our sins. The rub, I think, comes in whether God defines homosexuality as sin, he admitted. “The answer is yes. But God goes even further than that, to say that we are all sinners…” - shop now!


Scottish Event Campus (SEC) in Glasgow is also reviewing an upcoming event by Graham after protests and a petition was started for it to be canceled. The petition was started by Church of Scotland minister Rev. Bryan Kerr. They have attracted over 100 signatures.

The petition states: “We call on the SEC to follow the decision of the Liverpool ACC Arena and recognize that the views of Franklin Graham have the real potential alienating a large number of the population of the area they serve.”

“I’m not coming to lecture Scotland or the UK or anyone else, it’s not my place. I’m teaching people on how to have faith with God. I hope the venue will see that [supporters of the event] have a right and that their rights should be respected too.”

-Written by Corine Gatti-Santillo

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