News on The 700 Club: January 29, 2020

As seen on “The 700 Club,” January 29, 2020.:

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  1. Dems remind me of the Palestinians. They don't want peace until they can have the WH, Congress, dictatorship. AND, the REPUBLICAN Congress also has its SQUAD! There are 5 in their squad, starting w Collins and ending with Lindsey Graham. Graham wavers, he has to play his cards… was too close friends w John McCain, etc… Please vote these Rinos out!

  2. Micah 3 peace err they even prepare war against him, I thess 5 peace and safety then? Gen10 isles of the gentiles, revelation 11 outer court given to gentiles, rom10-11 blindness in part has happened to Israel until fullness of gentiles be come in. Jer 3:16,17,18 in that day, Amos 9:11 in that day will I raise up the tabernacle,joel3 that day, Jeremiah 49 throne. Antichrist sits in temple 2thess2

  3. Where is the hands down impeachment if the Democrats were that sure it would have been a done deal if there is no indictment for the Democrats for treason American want Justice or take our government back for the people God's on our side you cannot lose

  4. Slap hell, it turns into the boot if you throw another rocket barrage you shlep. Best be glad I'm not the boss pal. Burning rubble on your side is very hard to argue with it hardly moves and doesn't care what agressors like Palestine want I for one, am tired of Palestine biting the hand that feeds you.. 💀

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