Trump's Legal Team Rests Their Case, but McConnell Warns of a Mutiny Over Witnesses – Now What?

Trump’s Legal Team Rests Their Case, but McConnell Warns of a Mutiny Over Witnesses – Now What?

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  1. I am troubled by the fact, that our National Security adviser is writing book about his experience in the White House.
    Thereby, possibly letting out our country's sensative classified information.

  2. From what I saw, democrats pushed their accusations with cherry picked leading witness testimony, Trumps lawyers used witnesses testimony to prove the witnesses heard about, not my recommended talking points, trump went outside our box, . when does a sitting President answer to the staff on any decision

  3. Dems wouldn't allow republican witnesses in the house so now they are crying for witnesses in the Senate. They had enough witnesses during house trials and their star witnesses failed them.

  4. The fact that Bolton wrote a book that very well could contain top secret information devastating to our national security is scary. Also, doesn’t it seem like too much of a coincidence that he has this book out so quickly and at the perfect time for the democrats? Bloomberg payed for the book to be written by an unknown think tank, payed off Bolton to allow them to use his name and agree with whatever’s in the book and payed the fake news media to leak lies from the book. Money and power is the most dangerous thing about politics and something must be done to limit the amount of money drastically along with keeping track of where it comes from. If politician A gets 50,000 from a pharmaceutical company that politician should be removed and jailed should said politician pass any laws or legislation that directly helps the pharmaceutical company that gave the money.

  5. Dickey Blumenthal. Another fine example of a democrat opposite sketch. STOLEN VALOR !!! Did NOT serve in the US Forces. Five deferments in the draft. !!!! Oh I mis spoke about my military record With them it’s mis spoke. With us. WE LIE

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