Deal or No Deal? Israelis, Palestinians React to Peace Plan

Deal or No Deal? Israelis, Palestinians React to Peace Plan

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  1. Well! I love it when the Palestinians reject it; it is not their land in the first place. Israel's boarders are well defined in scripture, with its boarders determined from the throne room of God. By now Palestinians should have learnt how to turn a desert into greenery just like their neighbours the Jews. There is so much sand thus land in Egypt for example.

  2. Trump’s Peace Plan may ironically be the trigger for the ‘War to end all wars‘ because it will usher in the only One who can bring Peace to Jerusalem and the whole World. May He come to establish His Plan for His People for Perpetuity!

  3. One thing for sure…Israel will NEVER offer a fair plan, and they will attempt to get it all later when they feel they can comfortably shove a middle finger in the face of the rest of the world. Never Trust Satanyahu and his BOY TOY CHUMP!!

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