The Biggest Mistake Modern Churches Make | Faith vs. Culture, February 3, 2020

“What you win people with is what you win people to.” Dale Partridge joins Faithwire managing editor Dan Andros to talk about the detrimental effects of using entertainment as a tool to get people into church. Plus, a look at Kobe Bryant’s tragic death and the conversations we should be having in the midst of a tragedy.

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  1. Perhaps catering to the visitor is due to the mass immigration and diversity of faiths in the country. Many people are leaving Islam in droves and need to feel comfortable in a new place. Plus god has been taken out school now less exposure for younger people

  2. "The Biggest Mistake Modern (institutional)Churches Make"

    What if it's not a mistake? You cited Eph 4:11: "…and He Himself (the Lord Jesus) gave some to be apostles, pastors, teachers…" That's not how church works. Through it's seminary schools and bible colleges, church appoints pastors, teachers and apostles, not the Lord. Church being a man made institution has a vested financial interest in people attending regularly and paying into it, so bringing people into a mature state is risking the loss of revenue.

  3. The Bible said the Word of God is Health to our navel and marrow to our bones !!! Every born again Christian should be advocating for Bible education be brought back in Learning institutions at all levels one again to shape coulture !!! The word of God the . Bible should be promoted In the market place above all and every other words , to prepare precious Souls for harvest to receive Jesus Christ as saviour .

  4. Mt 28:19
    Mk 16:15
    Act 1:8
    The disciples or the followers of Christ or the believers are to do the work of Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit through us. This is the power given by God to all believers. Do believers really believe it? Sorry to say not many.

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