CBN NewsWatch AM: February 5, 2020

On Newswatch AM February 5th: Trump gives State of the Union speech to divided Congress, as evidenced in the friction between himself and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, as he touted the economic boom under his Presidency…

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  1. President Trump didn't shake Mike Pence's hand either. So for Nancy Pelosi to rip the speech up, is liken to a toddler throwing a bottle of milk, whilst kicking & screaming. Pathetic she also didn't stand up for nonpartisan issues, such as a couple young girls, and a man with stage IV cancer. True colors are coming out all over the place. 🤦🏻‍♀️😢🙏🏻

  2. Symbolism from a Spiritual Eye: Nancy Pelosi Wearing White Represents "Re-birth, Holy Spirit" ripping up speech as President Trump wears Red Tie which represents "Fire, Power & Blood" " Says "GOD Bless America" isnt a coincidence!! President DRT will be AQUITTED of impeachment & will win #2020 presidential election AGAIN. Can't mess w/ GODs chosen one! #4Moreyears. YES..GOD Bless America we are a chosen Nation. #Payattention🙏👁

  3. Let's be fair….Seemed to me that when the President passed out the speech to the VP and SOTH that he greeted neither one and was in "let's get down to business" mode. But can you blame him after the weaponizing of impeachment before the election.

  4. tear apart the story of the brother, the hundred year old military and the wish of his great-grandson, the man who is distinguished, all positive. do you tear that up? what do you expect from me, that i will take you seriously. You have disgraced yourself and your party worldwide. you have thereby destroyed the goodwill. I cannot imagine that there are people who still vote for you.

  5. Lovely!! Every bit of information…thank you. From Orange. County California. Praying for our the best News in the 🌎 to continue to be blessed by groups and individuals growth in CBN. My heart n soul, Ms. Erin

  6. Or MAYBE, He gave The State of the Union;
    State of the Union
    Annual Message
    The State of the Union Address is an annual message delivered by the President of the United States to a joint session of the United States Congress at the beginning of each calendar year in office. The message typically includes a budget message and an economic report of the nation, and also allows the President to propose a legislative agenda and national priorities.
    He gave the SOTU, NOT to further his Campaign.
    And if you see the “hand shake” from the other camera angle, the President was already turned away. Although I wouldn’t blame him if he had refused to shake it.

  7. If that woman is so horrible how does she hold such a high position? And if not elected fairly by the people then your system is flawed as it was in britain before the civil war. But you have had your civil war so why these issue,s? Or did your civil war just end in a kind of truce

  8. I am so pleased that President Trump is being acquitted today. I truly believe that God places presidents in office and the people should respect their leaders. I am from Canada, I think the impeachment was ridiculous not counting the wast of American finance. Gabrielle Newfoundland

  9. Expose ALL of the Deep State traitors!! And somebody instruct that bimbo in Red, that inquiring about corruption from a lending partner isn’t breaking ANY law dummy!! The president had the PERFECT RIGHT to ask questions! Look at the truth of FACTS…The BIDENS are freaking CORRUPT! the Clinton’s are Corrupt! Gore, corrupt, Cheney, corrupt, Bush’s!! Corrupt! Powell, corrupt! On and on!! We’ve been infiltrators by the Zionists/Freemason jews back in the 60’s! It’s the truth! We’ve been fighting Israels enemies all these decades FOR THEM!!

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